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Looking for a Perth fencing expert that understands everything about colorbond fencing, gate installations or replacement of old timber fencing ?

BV Fencing Solutions is a family owned and operated colorbond® fencing company located in Perth, WA and we provide Colorbond fence installs all over Perth. Call us today for some Colorbond fencing prices, why wait ?

Supply And Install Of Colorbond® Fencing And Gates

We supply and install Colorbond fencing and Aluminum Slat fencing, Colorbond lattice extensions, and Colorbond gate installs for all residential, commercial and industrial Perth fencing projects. When it comes to Perth Fencing solutions and Colorbond fencing requirements for residential or commercial, there is nothing we can not handle,

Expert Colorbond Fencing Contractors

Our expert team of colorbond fencing contractors service the metropolitan area of Perth, including regional parts of Western Australia.

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    Affordable Colorbond Products

    From Aluminium Pool fencing to core drilling and more, we do it all when it comes to Perth fencing needs. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service and delivering high quality, stylish and affordable products to meet our customer’s needs.

    So if you are looking to replace a rotting fence or old tired looking gate with a new colorbond fence or gate, go colorbond  products.

    With weather proof materials like colorbond, gone are the days of wooden fences and gates.


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    Valentin is Managing Director of BV Fencing Solutions and has over 4 years experience in fencing and the commercial building sector. He is strongly motivated by delivering projects on time and under budget.

    The Best Fencing Contractors In Perth For All Your Fence Install And Replacement Projects

    BV Fencing in Perth are a licensed and fully insured Fencing contractor that provides a vast range of custom and tailor made fencing solutions that meet the necessary security requirements of all our clients.

    Whether it is colorbond fencing, gate installations or extension, our Perth fencing contractors will work closely with you through the entire process.

    From choosing the right materials for your project, to final delivery and installation of colorbond fencing, gates or extensions we are to provide the answers to all your fencing questions.

    Our primary focus is to provide you with outstanding customer service and deliver you a faultless product which exceeds your expectations. 

    Our fencing products are termite resistant, weather proof and non combustible materials providing you with years of fencing security.

    Aluminium Fencing That Stands The Test Of Time

    These are aluminum fencing products that come with  corrosion-resistant premium steel base & an eye-popping paint finish that resists peeling, chipping, & cracking for many years.

    You can’t go wrong when you choose BV Colorbond and aluminium fencing products.

    To also add, all our Perth Fencing contractors provide a full guarantee on products and fencing installations.


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    "Val did an excellent job with our boundary Colorbond fence. He was prompt in coming out to assess and quote, meticulous in removing our old fence and building our new Colorbond fence (800mm deep to ensure durability and stability). He was highly professional. All this at the reasonable price too. We would highly recommend him!"
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    "When scoping the job to develop the quote, Valentin bought up with me all the important points that I had not considered. The crew arrived on time to carry out the work and did everything that we discussed to a high level of professionalism. Like any job there were issues that arose. It would have been easier for them to cut corners and I would have not been any wiser to it. Instead they took the time to do it properly with the right materials and to a high level of expertise. I am not used to contractors exceeding my expectations so dealing with Valentin Bon has been a pleasant surprise. My neighbours have since engaged Valentin's service after seeing the quality of workmanship. I would not hesitate contacting Valentin for future fencing jobs and will be recommending him to friends and family".
    Patrick Burne
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      Frequently Asked Fencing Questions

      Is Colorbond Fencing Worth The Cost ?

      Yes Colorbond® Fencing is definitely worth the cost of replacing the old style of wooden fencing and gates. There are generally some installation costs such as for fixings, post caps and cementing for securing posts. Colorbond fencing is one of the best alternatives to regular fencing as it requires minimal to no maintenance once installed.

      How Do You Fill Gaps Under Colorbond® Fence ?

      Custom cut sheets of what is known as plinths is what is used to cover or fill in huge unsightly gaps under aluminium fencing or timber fencing. These afre very useful on very slopy land and can cover all types of size fence gaps

      Do Colorbond Fences Rust ?

      This type of aluminium fence replacement is designed to be resistant to rust. Hence why it lasts for decades as opposed to timber fencing which eventually rots.

      If however left in areas of water pooling being found around aluminium fencing, this can over time  degrade aluminium fencing.

      How Long Does Colorbond Fencing Last ?

      Typical life span of colorbond fencing is usually in the vicinity of 20 to 25 years provided it is not subjected to to constant water pooling. In some cases varnish or oiling can restore that new look and help further preserve the life of the fence.

      How Strong Is Colorbond Fencing ?

      Colorbond Fencing is very strong. Aluminium fencing in general over timber fencing in much stronger. In most cases Aluminium fencing withstands nimal impact and is very resistant to strong storms. Aluminium fencing is generally preferred in areas of strong storms.

      Is Colorbond Fencing More Exepensive Than Timber Fencing ?

      Yes, generally speaking ,Colorbond fencing is more expensive than timber. Usually about 30% more but is more than worth its weight in gold as it requires no maintenance and usually lasts 10 plus years longer than timber fencing


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