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Modern Stylish Fencing Designed To Suit All Tastes

Need aluminium slat fencing? Being the best Colorbond fencing Perth experts, our Perth fencing contractors can provide you with some very stylish Aluminium slat fencing that will add security, privacy and add beauty to your property.

Becoming increasingly popular with its aesthetic appeal, is it any wonder why aluminium slat fencing is taking the market by storm.

Designed for residential and commercial property

Alumimium slat fencing has become very popular and the choice of fencing primarily because of its aesthetic appeal and affordable cost.

As it naturally adds design appeal to any property, it can also potentially add dollars to the value of any property.

Aluminium slat fencing is a very popular style due to its modern feel, fantastic look, and excellent durability. It’s the perfect choice for those looking to maintain their privacy, while still allowing plenty of airflow. Installing slat fencing is also a great way of adding substantial value to your property. Call and talk to our Perth Fencing contractors for more info

Slat Aluminium Fencing

Choice Of Custom Made Fencing

BV Fencing Solutions offers a choice of:

  • Vertical slats
  • Horizontal slats

All of our aluminium slat fences are custom-made. Please refer to the Colorbond® swatches to view the colour options available.

Versatile And Durable Slat Fencing

Aluminium slat fencing is durable and versatile and can be applied on many different landscapes, commercial or residential. Being very low maintenance and easy on installation. Here at BV Fencing solutions our Perth fencing contractors can more than  assist you with a slat fence to suit your property and budget

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Attractive Appeal Designed To Last

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At BV Fencing solutions, our Perth Colorbond fencing experts use only high quality Colorbond aluminium materials designed to add appeal and last for many years to come free of maintenance or any upkeep. There is not much  our Perth Fencing contractors can not undertake

Our slat fence installations adapt very well to any horizontal or vertical application while still maintaining a great level of privacy within your premises and still allowing ample light to come through.

With a great range of colours to choose from, we are sure you will find something to your taste.

At BV Fencing Solutions, if your preference is 100% privacy,  we can supply decorative panels when you have no other choice. You may also want to look at fence height extensions as well

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    Cheap fencing never lasts and if you are looking for cheap fencing, bare in mind that you may not get the expected life expectancy out of your fence.

    Here at out BV Fencing Solutions, we provide only the best Colorbond fencing and aluminium slat fencing that money can buy, and that means a durable, attractive and long lasting strong fence that is designed to withstand strong weather elements, and heat under Australian weather conditions. If you are concerned about pricing, please do not be.

    We have competitive  fencing quotes which you will be pleased with.

    If you are not sure, you can always call our fencing services for a price on a new slat fence or Colorbond fence price

    Custom Design Slat Fencing

    If need be, we can custom design fencing slats to your needs with spacing between slats fencing or Colorbond gates to suit your desired taste, whether horizontal, or vertical slat fencing, we are sure you will find slat fence to suit your taste

    Some Benefits Of Aluminium Slat Fencing

    Some of the benefits of aluminium slat fences are that they can be made to order to adjust the spacing between the slats of your fence

    This is a great feature of slat fencing as it allows you the level of privacy within your own property.

    Fencing slat gap usually differs from the front to the rear.

    Most customers usually like to have  more spacing on the front slats as opposed to the back as it allows more viewing on the front of property and more privacy on the rear.

    Either way, the choice is yours to choose

    1. Do you want a little privacy ?or do you want a lot ? With slat fencing the choice is yours to on what spacing you would like. With the choice of colours you can choose from and the stylish design these slat fences are available in, you will be pleased with the finished look.
    2. Although very stylish, slat fencing is more so for rear yard fencing while front end fencing is usually matched with a gate or set of slat gates that will set your property part from the rest.
    3. Installing aluminium slat fencing can also increase the price of your property and add substantial value as many property buyers desire privacy within their purchase.
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