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Colorbond Fencing

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Why Choose Genuine Colorbond ® Steel Fencing?

Looking for Perth Fencing Contractors that know everything about professional Colorbond fencing installations?

Do you need fencing repairs in Perth or a new Colorbond fence installation? Have you seen the latest with slat fencing installation ? Perhaps maybe even new aluminium pool fencing ? From Plinths, colorbond fence extensions, core drilling services and Colorbond gate installations, we do it all.

If your fence has rotted away or you have fence palings falling off their main posts, it may be time you thought of a new fence installation.

Easy on the eye and very low maintenance, genuine Colorbond steel is a popular choice for residential fencing and gates as it looks great from both sides, 22 colour options and 2 panel styles to choose from.

Our genuine Colorbond steel fencing & gates are also covered by a 10-year Bluescope Steel guarantee.

Might we also add that we provide customised additions such as colorbond lattice extensions that sits atop of your newly installed fence as well as plinths for filling in those unsightly gaps under fencing.

Allywall Plinths

Fencing That Looks Stunning By Adding A Decorative Look And Also Improves On Your Privacy.

Pleasant on the eye and did we mention very little maintenance? Genuine Colorbond steel is probably one of the most popular choices of fencing installation in Perth for residential or commercial as it appears the same on both sides and is very cost effective for both parties on either side of the fence.

Termite proof, weather proof and a fence life span that lasts for years to come, why would you not choose a new Colorbond fence installation in Perth?

Our Perth fencing cover the entire metropolitan area  and can provide no obligation fencing prices when you need it

Fencing That Is Designed To Last

Colorbond is a highly durable material that’s been designed to withstand the Australian climate.

It doesn’t require any ongoing painting, oiling or general upkeep, plus it’s rot, termite and fire resistant. Our genuine Colorbond steel fencing & gates are also covered by a 10-year Bluescope Steel guarantee. If you need Perth fence installers that know everything about fence and gate installations, you can’t go past BV fencing solutions.

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Improved Privacy And Security

Standard size fencing alone will enhance your privacy and security. Having said this, we can however also increase the height fo your fencing with aluminium lattice screens that add beauty and more privacy. We can manufacture panels from 900mm – 2400mm high and we can custom make fencing to suit your needs.

All available in a large range of colours to suit many tastes

For the current time, there are 22 colour options and 2 panel styles to choose from

The Benefits Of Choosing Colorbond Fencing Products


  • BlueScope Steel 10-year warranty
  • Durable and built to last
  • Corrosion and fire resistant
  • Resistant to peeling, chipping, and cracking
  • Termite proof
  • Eco-friendly – 100% recyclable
  • Complies with strict Australian Standards AS 1397
Colorbond Fencing
Colorbond Panels. The most common trimclad fence insures privacy and security for both you and your neighbour with a beautiful attractive look. The style of this fencing line is designed to suit all yards and blocks which clearly looks sleek and stylish. The posts that secure your new fence are some of the strongest made in the industry as well
Lattice Extensions
Colorbond Lattice.Lattice supplied and fitted to our customers homes in Perth or commercial properties come in a variety of heights, widths and colours to suit all tastes. There pretty much are no limits as to where you can or can't use lattice on colorbiond fencing applications. With the different variants in size and colour, we're sure you will find a lattice application that will suit and satisfy your taste in your fencing needs
Colorbond Fencing Perth
When it comes to large block fencing applications, whther it be commercial, industrial or even acreage fencing requirements, there is pretty much nothing that we are linited to doing when you need a new colorbond fence installed on your property. With a range of colours and sizes to choose from we are sure you will find a colorbond fence to suit your needs for your residential, or commercial property
Colorbond Gates Perth
Our Perth Fencing services offer a great range of gate sizes and designs to suit your needs reagrdless of the block you have. We can custom make a colorbond gate for your permises that will blend and suit your property. These are colorbond gates made from strong steel that will not rust, or corode and will ensure the longevity of your new gate. If you need a new gate in Perth for your home or business call us today
Plinths are designed to fill the gaps undeneath fence lines that would otherwise have large gaps which can be a security risk if the gaps are very large. Plinths fit under your fencline and within the channel post to complete that new fence look. If you want a new colorbond fence in Perth that is complete from start to finish, give our fencing contractors in Perth a call

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Some Popular Colours To Choose From

Colorbond Colours

Some General Questions Answered

  • How Long Do Colorbond Fences Last ?

Colorbond fencing requires very little maintenance if any and generally lasts between 20-25 years

  • What Size Does Colorbond Fencing Come In ?

Generally, there are four different heights with colorbond fencing. 1.5m high, 1.8m high, 2.1m high and 2.4m high. You can discuss with us your desired size upon us providing you with a colorbond fencing quote

  • Can Colorbond Fencing Be Two Colours ?

From standard fitment, no, colorbond is one uniform colour from paneling to to posts from your colour of choice

  • Is Colorbond  Fencing Rust Proof ?

Genuine Colorbond panels or fencing carried out by our experienced fencing contractors will be safe from rust or corrosion for years to come.

  • How Do You Fix Gaps Under Colorbond Fencing ?

The best way to fill in unsightly gaps under your colorbond fencing is through the use of plinths. This serves more than just one purpose. It covers up all the gaps, can be used a retainer and also helps keep out weeds from neighbouring yards

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