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Colorbond Fence Core Drilling

When it comes to our Colorbond Fence installation in Perth, there is nothing our Perth fencing contractors can not overcome and that includes core drilling. Core drilling limestone blocks for colorbond fence installation is easy for BV Fencing Solutions.

From core drilling services to Colorbond gates to aluminium slat fencing and pool fencing installations, there is nothing we can not handle.

Limestone walls are very much a desired preference for many new fence installations in many locations in Perth as it takes the fence off the ground line.

This is looks far more attractive and blends really well and looks highly professional when completed with a new Colorbond fence

Core drilling for the installation of a new Colorbond fence is actually considered as one of the most choice finishes in Aesthetic looks as one compliments the other.
Core Drilling

Professional Looking Lines

By having a perfectly blocked wall and dead flat surface, this leaves no room for gaps under a new fence installation and eradicates the look of untidy grounds with a new fence that many clients do not want to see as the end result. To improve the surround area, a wall is erected and core drilling for a new fenceline commenced which at the time of completion a natural and complimenting look is achieved .


" Installation Is Easier Than Most Even Know "

Have you ever said to yourself that it must be some tiresome exercise to install a new fence line on a lime stone wall ?

Well, believe it or not, it is not that difficult at all our Perth fencing experts.

Most fence installers in Perth would be versed with fence installations and core drilling and know this method of fence installs goes hand in hand.

Of course, with any new fence install, the right tools and expertise to achieve a professional and aesthetic finish is certainly required.

We will discuss with you your needs and tastes that you desire in achieving that unique finish and deliver upon it.

Whether it is a fence and Colorbond gate installation, Aluminum pool fence installation or anything you require that we provide as fencing specialists, we can accommodate you to suit your desired tastes.


Professional And Aesthetic Finish On All Installations

Fence Core Drilling

There are a couple of benefits to lime stone installation with new colorbond fencing.

The biggest benefit is that installation on a dead flat lime stone wall is great for leaving little no gaps under fence lines.

Our professional team of fence installers in Perth can carry out any project requireemt with core drilling services.

We have installed and carried out dozens of of core drilling services and fence installs on residential or commercial properties to suit our clients tastes.

The second advantage is that a limestone wall with a new Colorbond fence is entirely aesthetically pleasing to the eye when the project is completed

Expert Core Drilling Services

Perth fence installations with lime wall bases are fast becoming the preferred choice by many clients upon new fence installs that take away the untidiness of conventional fence installs. With a lime wall base and new fence installation newly installed on your property, you can be assured your new fence will last you for years to come, especially with the fence line being well above ground.

So, if you have been searching for professional core drillers or fence installers in Perth, give us a call on the below number. Whether you have a residential or commercial property, we guarantee all our work and can assure you that you will be more than pleased with the end result


Some Questions About Core Drilling


What is core drilling for a fence?

Core drilling is primarily for hard fixtures of fence posts which secures fencing very firmly within c0ncrete or within a lime wall. It is generally the most secure method of installing anew fence

How Is Core Drilling Done?

Core Drilling is done by using a powerful tool known as a core drill. The electrical core drill itself is mounted on top of the core drilling cutting tool which then extracts  a post like extraction of material from within the material being drilled. This then allows for post fixtures to be inserted and fixed to position

How Long Does Core Drilling Take?

The average residential core drill can average anywhere from two to four hours given the hardness of the material and how many posts are required to be erected. This is not set rule,though. There is no real guarantee of how long a core drill project can take. This depend largely on the tools being used, the materials being drilled , and the expertise of the core driller at hand.

Is Core Drilling Loud ?

The actual process of core drilling is not very loud at all and not so obtrusive to the surrounding area.

What is the difference between coring and drilling?

The difference between conventional drilling and core drilling is that rather than using a solid metal drill piece for drilling out large amounts of material, a cutting cylinder that is attached to a core drill is used. This in turn cuts a cylinder mass of material which is removed from within the material itself


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