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Increasing your fence height with Colorbond fence extensions is an ideal way to increase your privacy within your own space and stop any prying eyes from peeping over as well.

As far as security goes, it is the best way to go about it, looks professional, is cost-effective and naturally blends with your existing fence line.

Additions like this are possible for many types of fence lines of all types of materials. Our Colorbond fencing Perth Installers carry out this type of work all the time. Just call our Perth Fencing office if you have questions.

Some fencing materials these fence extensions can be added to are wood, aluminium, plastic fencing and other materials that may exist.


Lattice Extensions

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Added Strength To Existing Fencing Lines

The other benefit that comes with fence extensions is that it can also aid in the strength of an existing fence line which is a huge bonus in increasing the longevity of any existing fenceline.

Have you been looking for a Perth fencing company that can provide you with the added security of an increased fence height using quality Colorbond materials? then you need to give us a call today

Stylish Fence Designs

At BV Fencing Solutions, we can help you with providing a stylish new fence extension that not only will increase the privacy and added security of your home or business but will also add more life to your existing fence and a beauty that is very much unique to your property. Just like fence designs, we even match our Colorbond gates to your whole fence installation to give a unique and very fitting look

Genuine Colorbond Fence Extensions

Our genuine Colorbond steel fence extensions are available in a huge range of colours to perfectly compliment your current fencing.

We also supply and install Colorbond’s stylish Lattice fencing which comes in a variety of widths, heights and colours. If you have any questions, our Perth Colorbond fencing experts can help with any queries you might have

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Commonly Asked Questions About Fence Extensions

Can You Extend Colorbond Fencing?

Any standard installation of a Colorbond fence is usually 1800mm.

If this is not adequate for privacy or security, you can always opt to have a fence extension added to your new or existing fence line.

This will normally total up to 2100 mm

How high can I extend my colorbond fence?

Any maximum height fence extension you can go from any ground level on Colorbond fencing without requiring council approval is 2.3 metres. Industrial zone fencing can also go as high as 2.7 metres

Should fence posts be set in concrete?

No. Fence posts are not required to be set in concrete. Fence posts can be set into the ground using other methods.

How do you fill a gap under colorbond fence?

Plinths are the normal methods for closing gaps under the fence.

As there are may different types of uneven ground, plinths can be custom made or cut to suit different gradients of ground.

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