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Our Colorbond Services

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Fencing That Stands The Test Of Time

Attractive, Durable, and easy to maintain.Trusted by Australians since 1966, BV Fencing Solutions is proud to offer premium Colorbond ® steel fencing for your fencing solutions. From Colorbond Gates to fence extensions, Core drilling and plinths, our Perth Colorbond fencing services are second to none.

Australia’s harsh climate calls for the strength and durability of Colorbond steel. Made to withstand heat, wind, and the test of time, your COLORBOND® Steel fence lives on and on while maintaining its appearance year after year.

A Colorbond steel fence won’t rot, be eaten by termites and is fire resistant.

Colorbond Fencing

Why choose colorbond?

Attractive and stylish, Colorbond’s extensive colour range is inspired by Australia’s own magnificent backyard. Their wide range of panels styles, designs and colours make it easy to coordinate your fence with your home. With Colorbond steel and BV Fencing Solutions, you can rest easy knowing that your fence will look great and stand the test of time for many years to come.

Why choose colorbond?

  • BlueScope Steel 10-year warranty
  • Durable and built to last
  • Corrosion and fire resistant
  • Resistant to peeling, chipping, and cracking
  • Termite proof
  • Eco-friendly – 100% recyclable
  • Complies with strict Australian Standards AS 1397

Aluminium Slat Fencing

Stylish Fencing A Phone Call Away

Aluminium slat fencing is a very popular style due to its modern feel, fantastic look and excellent durability. This applies to all our fencing including aluminium pool fencing as well

It’s the perfect choice for those looking to maintain their privacy, while still allowing plenty of airflow. Installing slat fencing is also a great way of adding substantial value to your property.

                         STYLES OF ALUMINIUM SLAT FENCING

Aluminium slat fencing comes in:

Our aluminium slat fences are custom-made.

 See our Colorbond and Interpon colour charts for all colour options.

Slat Aluminium Fencing

Colorbond Gate Installation Services

Need A Strong Strurdy Gate ?

At BV Fencing we offer a range of colorbond steel or alumium slat gates to suit your requirements.

Custom Aluminum slat gates

Aluminum is a highly weather-resistant metal – withstanding hot sun, UV rays, rain and wind, making it perfect for all types of Perth weather.

All of our slat gates have fully-welded frames, which get sanded, buffed and powder-coated to ensure that they require minimal maintenance or upkeep.

Colorbond Gates           

Colorbond steel gates are strong and provide a stylish addition to your home.

Our experienced team can install small and wide single and double gates in a wide range of colors, to allow you to mix and match the gates to your house and surroundings.

Slat Fencing Quote Perth

Core Drilling Services

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Core Drilling

Professional Core Drilling Services To Suit All Needs

Our experienced team can core drill through materials such as limestone, concrete or pavers.

These core drilled holes can range from ? all the way up to ??mm in diameter, all depending on your requirements.

Bv Fencing is not Limited to what style of block you may have or what gradient may exist

Whether it is a 300 square metre block or an acreage lot core drilling services available to suit all needs and all fencing needs.

if you are not sure or have any questions, BV Fencing is always here to assist.

Our staff are friendly and highly experienced in all core drilling and fencing installations

We will ensure that all our core drilling holes are smooth and neatly finished which will allow your newly installed Colorbond Fence to sit level to the retaining wall.

Fence And Gate Removal Services

No Need To Worry About Your Old Fence And Gate Removal

We can remove any existing fences and gates prior to installation. Our expert team can remove the following types of material;  asbestos, colorbond fencing, Hardifence, timber fencing or brick?

Our offered services mainly include removal of old fencing materials like asbestos, pine lap, Hardifence, etc & installation of 100% genuine & premium-quality Colorbond  fencing. Deal with the best Perth fencing company for all your fencing and gate needs

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Colorbond Colours

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